Media feedbacks about Side Liner music



"...Side Liner's offering is a sonic fragrance to seduce our senses and expand the mind into the realms of primordial recognition.Mesmerizing chill out style,brilliant production and a highly recommended release for timeless travelers..."



"...Euphoric and emotional it certainly is, but the crisp, intelligent and varied drum programming alone puts this well above overcooked commercial ambient trance comps for the cafe set.Rhythmically there's elements of electro,breakbeat,dub and 4/4 dance.Layered and strongly melodic, at its best the deep lushness of Side Liner's music is brilliantly balanced with spiky sounds, odd machine noises and percusice stabs all deployed in a very musical way..."



"...the fantastic kind of melody which enters to the Greek myth, being mysterious, formed by organic sound effect and dramatic psychedelic downbeat..."



"...exotic, chilled back journeys to the fairytale world of subconscious..."



"...what kind of a working enviroment inspire artists to make music?It must have a big effect on the final music product. Side Liner, who lives amidst the beautiful blue Greek sky and ocean, harnesses these natural elements into his music to make deep moving "mind travelling" music. This music helps people to forget the hustle and bustle of city life by conveying the fullness of life to stressed listeners and is definitely recommended..."



"...sound quality (not far from being a foretype), following darkmoods, ambient atmospheres,strong basslines and breaks...:



"...dreamy soundscapes where Side Liner's chilling version of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world.Saturated with ponderous melodies and glowing with brooding reflection..."

Listeners feedbacks about Side Liner music


Ásgeir Valur Sigurðsson from Iceland
His music is so beautiful it makes me cry.He fills my heart with such joy!!

Vladi Baddy from Bulgaria
Amazing! So beautiful and versatile! Discovering him is a real event for me!

Sid Gosh from India
I am a die hard fan of ambient music. So did Nick Miamis AKA side liner made a huge impact on me..

Stanislav Talev from Bulgaria
Music that delivers a smoooth and blissful experience.

Claudio from Switzerland
...Side Liner is spaced out shpongelness at it's very finest, with no extra enhancements or additional preservatives needed to trip thru time and space...

Marina from Belarus
...Extremely exciting music!... 

Bryan From USA
...your music never gets boring to me, any time i have a good or bad day your music touches me every time! I wish i could see you in Seattle ...

Nina from Finland
...Side Liner + cup of coffee + rising sun = perfect morning ...

Stacey from USA
...Your music inspired many of my paintings, I love it! ...

John from USA
...Dream Stealers album is an incredibly psychedelicious mindbender. A bit darker and edgier, with a fat bottom, crisp melodies and searing production with a driving beat. Kinda like industrial-strength music machinery. It sucks you into the vortex of the mind and pulls you out to .... somewhere else! I'm going back in... 

Sandra from Lithuania
...You are making little miracles with every track...

Nicholas from France
...your music is damn awesome, i recently got into the electronica world and side liner is among my favorites... 

Mara from Netherlands.
...Beautiful music .Reaches far into the soul...

Bill from USA
...Thanks Side Liner for the consistency in sound of your music. No fear, no surprise. Nothing to distract you from where you need or want to go. Your music creates it very own CEV's. No additional help needed! A beautiful place to be! ...

Miguel from Venezuela
... i enjoy the way Side Liner structure the sounds on every theme. Really emotive . . . 

Ziv from Israel
...Your music is touching the soul...

Kostas from Greece
... You take us to other places with your fantastic music.

Arnol from USA
...I have every one of your releases and your creativity never ceases to amaze...

Jordan from USA
...guess what Side Liner?you're the truth...

Sri Ram from India
...Side Liner is a futuristic,relaxing journey into another world, always keeps my mind moving; in one word, beautiful...

Sophie from France
...addictive -- in the most cheerful, beautiful and inspiring ways ...

Togrul from Turkey
...Your music makes me think! ...

Ron from Netherlands
...Side Liner angels watching over you....


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